Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Russian Man Drives Around With a Bear in His Back Seat

A guy in Yekaterinburg, Russia was driving last week with a small BEAR in his backseat. People even took photos of it with its head hanging out of the window. Yekaterinburg is above Kazakhstan, which is kind of appropriate. Because if you remember, in the movie “Borat”, he drove around with a bear in his ice cream truck. Anyway, the cops pulled the guy over, but he avoided a ticket . . . because he was in accordance with RUSSIAN BEAR LAW.It turns out that in Russia, you can drive with a bear in the car as long as it wears a seat belt. And this bear was, in fact, wearing his. Also, apparently it’s common enough in Russia for people to put BEARS in their cars, that they have nuanced laws regulating it? It’s not clear where the guy got the bear from or where he was going with it. Get more here.


Woman Tries to Stab Her Brother Because He Ate Her Leftovers

61-year-old Ethel Jean Banks became enraged after she discovered her brother ate her leftover ribs. He told her he did not know the ribs were hers. They argued in the living room before she pushed him, the brother told police, he pushed her back causing her to fall. She then went into the kitchen and came back with a butcher knife, she lunged at her brother saying “I’m going to kill you.” He ran out of the house fearing for his life and held the front door closed to keep his sister inside. After unsuccessfully trying to open the door Ethel said she was not going to let him back in to the house. Running over to a neighbor’s house, the brother immediately called police. Ethel was charged with aggravated assault for family violence, a second degree felony. Get more here.



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