Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Man Called 911 Because He Got “Too High”

Authorities in Ohio were called to the home of a 22-year old man who had been smoking marijuana. The officer who responded to the home could hear the man groaning from a room, he found the man lying “on the floor in the fetal position” and “was surrounded by a plethora of Doritos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and Chips Ahoy cookies.” The man also told police he couldn’t feel his hands. A glass pipe with marijuana residue, two packs of rolling papers, two roaches and a glass jar of marijuana were recovered from the man’s car after he gave the keys to police. The man declined medical treatment at the home Friday night, saying he was just “too high.” Get more here.

A Woman Stole her Boyfriend’s False Teeth to Teach Him a Lesson

Felicity Leigh Palma, 44, called police to report a burglary, claiming she saw “two dudes” running from her home, and that her jewelry and money had been stolen. Her boyfriend told to police that two of his prescription drugs and a pink case containing false teeth were also missing. As police were investigating, her boyfriend found a bag inside Felicity’s car and dumped the contents onto a table, where they found the pink case containing his false teeth. Felicity became defense and accused him of trying to frame her, then they noticed the missing prescription drug bottles in her purse. Felicity admitted she fabricated the entire incident because she was mad at her boyfriend and wanted to show him how easy it would be for someone to steal from him. Get more here.

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