Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Cop Mails Out Tickets Instead of Pulling People Over

The Houston cop is under investigation after it was discovered that he wrote several speeding tickets to drivers without ever pulling them over. David Carter has been a police officer since 2002, and he’s been temporarily relieved of duty, while the investigation continues. To make matters worse David was pacing the alleged violators in his personal car, not in his patrol car. David is being paid during the investigation, but must remain home during work hours while it continues. As for the citizens he mailed tickets, the city’s legal department has dismissed the cases. Get more here.

A Robber Was Busted Using Uber as His Getaway Car

This is definitely a sign that people now view Uber as a better alternative to driving in ANY scenario. 23-year-old Dashawn Cochran went to a convenience store in Parkville, Maryland last week, pulled a gun, and robbed the place. And then, he went on Uber to find himself a getaway car. His driver came in a silver Lexus and picked him up, without realizing Dashawn had just robbed the store, obviously. But the cops pulled them over not long after that. They arrested Dashawn, and eventually cleared the Uber driver when they realized he wasn’t involved. And there was another passenger in the car, because Dashawn had used UberPool, that’s where you save money by agreeing to share a car with other random people. And that guy was cleared too. Get more here.

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