Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Broke into a Home to Wash Her Clothes in the Bathtub

Sharla Murray was sitting in her living room last Tuesday when nature called, she got up to go to the bathroom.When she opened the bathroom door, she found Kelly Bancroft, 44, in her bathtub with the tub full of water, clothing and shampoo. Sharla asked Kelly how she got inside the apartment, but Kelly forced her out and then locked herself in the bathroom. Sharla called her neighbor for help, but by the time he arrived Kelly had already fled, leaving wet clothing thrown throughout the room. Another woman, Katherine Brennan, spotted Bancroft throwing out a grill behind her apartment. Katherine asked Kelly if she could have the grill, Kelly agreed, and brought the grill to her apartment followed her inside her apartment and refused to leave. She asked her to leave several times, but she would not leave until Sharla got angry and raised her voice. Police tracked her down and she was arrested and charged with one felony offense each of burglary and criminal trespass along with a summary charge of criminal trespass. Get more here.

A Man Knocked Out Another Man with a Hot Sauce Bottle Over Graham Crackers

Shawn Deandre Thomas was eating graham crackers at a church that provides meals for the homeless. Another man approached Shawn and asked for some of his crackers. Well, Shawn didn’t want to share, and became upset, so he picked up a bottle of hot sauce threw it at the man’s head, knocking him unconscious. When another man saw this and tried to intervene, Shawn punched him in the throat. He is being charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and battery. Both of the men he attacked were taken to a hospital but their conditions were not known. Get more here.

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