Stupid Is, Stupid Does

LARPer Chases Burglar Through Neighborhood with a Spear

A 49-year-old woman in Wichita Kansas called 911 to report finding a man armed with a sword in her bedroom. She thought the man was there to speak with her son, who does medieval re-enactments, but discovered he was actually robbing her home. She woke her son, who armed himself with a spear used in the re-enactments and chased the suspect through several back yards.The suspect got away, but they are looking into whether the woman was correct in thinking she recognized him from the re-enactments she participates in with her son. Police say “We did have several of the neighbors calling in; they had folks running through their backyard armed with this large spear and armed with a sword.” If found, the burglar will be charged with aggravated burglary. Get more here.

Drug Dealer Panics & Throws Drugs Out the Window, it Lands Right In Front of Police

Rezwan Hussain, 29, of England panicked when Police visited his home looking to speak to his brother. Rezwan told officers his brother was not in at the time but agreed to give a message to him. But as police were leaving, Rezwan panicked, went to the attic, and started throwing bags of drugs out of the window. One of the officers returned to their vehicle & found the bags containing cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin on the pavement next to the car. They retuned to the home and arrested his Rezwan’s parents, as Rezwan himself fled the scene. When police searched the property, they found 550 lbs of drugs, with an estimated street value of more than 4.5 Million Dollars. Get more here.

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