Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Cops Ticket a Guy For Manspreading on the Subway, and Solves a Murder?

If you’re not familiar with the term “manspreading,” it means the way some guys sit on public transportation, with their legs wide open, so they take up more than one seat. And you can actually get a ticket for it in New York City. And while cops give guys tickets for being rude, this time, it accidentally just solved a Murder. 43-year-old Gregory White was riding the subway in Manhattan around 2:30 A.M. on Wednesday morning, and was taking up two seats because his legs were spread out. So a transit cop was about to write him a $50 ticket, when he ran Gregory’s name through the system. And that’s when he found Gregory was wanted in connection with a Murder. His 58-year-old girlfriend Victoria Hammond was stabbed 24 times in January, and he’s been wanted ever since. He’d been ducking the cops until the subway bust. So he was arrested and taken to the police station, where he confessed to killing her. He’s been charged with second-degree murder, but he’s claiming it was self defense. Get more here.

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