Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Successfully Tricks an Ambulance Into Giving Her a Ride to See Her Boyfriend

We can’t believe a woman who’s got the skills to pull off a plan like this doesn’t have the skills to download Uber. 28-year-old Cassandra Lewis of Saugerties, New York wanted to see her boyfriend on Friday, but he lives around 20 minutes away, in Kingston, New York, and she didn’t have a ride. So she called 911 and said she was having a medical emergency. An ambulance came to her place, and she got them to take her to a hospital in Kingston. Then she signed herself out right away, and went to her boyfriend’s place, which happened to be right by the hospital. It was actually a shockingly successful plan, until the cops figured out what she’d done. She was arrested for falsely reporting an incident. Get more here.

 A Guy Peeing on a Tree Leads to Three Arrests For Serious Fraud Charges

If this dude just had slightly better bladder control, he and his two friends wouldn’t be facing major prison time right now. The police in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada got a call last week about a guy peeing on a tree. They drove to the neighborhood to check it out, and saw the guy get into a car with two friends and drive away. So they followed the car, and eventually stopped the guys at a convenience store. It turns out all of them had court orders against them, so they were all arrested, and the cops started investigating them. They figured out the guys had rented a house together, so they searched it, and found a major credit card fraud operation. 20-year-old Kevin Clairsant-Letourneau, 22-year-old Marvin Pierre Coriolan, and 23-year-old Karim Agba are now all facing serious forgery and fraud charges. It’s not clear which one of them peed on that tree, which led to their whole empire crumbling. Get more here.

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