Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Utah Man Didn’t Want to Miss His Child’s Birth, so He Called in a Bomb Threat

Michael Morlang and his wife were expecting a baby, but when Michael’s wife went into labor, he was out of state. Not wanting to miss the birth of his child, he made the bomb threat. His wife and her father were in the hospital when the threat was received and they were evacuated. The woman’s father knew it was Morlang that called in the threat because he heard his wife was going to have a procedure to prevent having more pregnancies. A nurse told police she spoke with Morlang, and that he was “extremely upset that they were going forward with the birth” while he was still in Idaho. Morlang is custody in Idaho on unrelated crime. He’s being charged with one count of threat of terrorism. Get more here.

Tooele Man Shot at People He Thought ‘Were Coming Back to Life’

Ronald Hesswood Blackbear shot at people who “were coming back to life” before stabbing his brother in the chest. Tooele County sheriff’s deputies received a report of a possible stabbing and shooting, when they arrived they found blood on the front door and a trail of blood leading to a neighbors house. Blackbear’s brother was in the house, he had been stabbed in the chest and had a severely lacerated hand. Officers found Blackbear walking down a road with a bloody knife. and claimed to have stabbed a family member. Blackbear claimed “that people were coming back to life from his closet, so he fired a gun at them and left the body lying there.” ‘ When he was asked to clarify who ‘them’ was, he stated, ‘All the people coming back to life. I shot one in the house. Where’s the body? It came back to life.’ Get more here.

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