Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Dressed as Santa Claus Stole a Helicopter in Brazil

It looks like Santa is escalating from breaking and entering to grand theft. A guy dressed as Santa rented a helicopter in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Friday for, quote, “a surprise.” And he wasn’t kidding. First he forced the pilot to land on a small farm outside the city, where his buddy was waiting. Then they tied up the pilot , stole the helicopter, and flew away. The pilot eventually managed to free himself, and called the cops. But they’re still hunting for Santa AND the stolen helicopter. Get more here.

Woman Glitter Bombed her Boss on Her Last Day, Gets Arrested

Samantha Lockhart, 25, resigned from her job, but on what would have been her last day at work, she called in sick. Later that day, she sneaked into office after hours, and covered her supervisors cubicle in toilet paper, crazy string and glitter. An unknown white powder got in to the computers, printers and scanner. Her supervisor claimed her sweaters and personal pictures were damaged, and that a mysterious powder was in her coffee cup. Samantha was found guilty of vandalism, and sentenced to nine months in prison, which was suspended. Instead she will be on community control for 18 months, pay $1,000 fine and do 50 hours of community service. She must also write a letter of apology. Get more here.

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