Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Purse Snatcher Steals Jimmy John Car, Crashes it, Strips, & Jumps into a River

Someone in the ER of Norfolk Sentara General Hospital in Florida noticed the man trying to steal a purse, and alerted a nearby officer. When confronted by the cops, the man then ran outside, found a Jimmy John’s delivery vehicle, jumped in it and sped away. He ended up at Fort Norfolk, where he crashed through the gate and into a building. He then got out of the car, stripped naked, and then jumped into the Elizabeth River. Workers saw him and threw him a life preserver. He was pulled to safety, but police were standing by. He was taken BACK to the hospital for an evaluation, he isn’t facing charges yet… but that may change when the evaluation is completed. Get more here.

Man Tried to Electrocute His Father So He Could Get his Inheritance

Florida – John Knudsen, 44, and his father, got into a heated argument a few days before Thanksgiving, John’s dad was fed up with his deadbeat son and told him to get a job. Then John found out he was the sole beneficiary of his father’s will, and he hatched a plan to kill his father for the money. John waited for him to go to the bathroom, and then stalked him inside, with an electric cord plugged in on one end and open wires on the other. He pressed the shocking wires into his father’s chest, zapping. The father said John knew he had a heart condition, and he passed out from the charged attack. When John’s father woke up, he tried talking his son down, and eventually they went to bed. Once John was asleep, his dad went to the police. John was charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated abuse of an elderly person and aggravated battery on a person aged 65 or older. He is being held on a $70,000 bond. Get more here.

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