Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Breaks Into His Mom’s House to Steal a Pot of Stew

No food in the world compares to your mom’s cooking. So sometimes you have to do something drastic to get your hands on it. 23-year-old Jonathan Ray of Albuquerque, New Mexico and his mother clearly have a pretty rocky relationship. A few weeks ago she caught him camping out in her garage, and called the cops to get him out of there. Well, a few days after that, he broke into her house. And he only stole one thing: A pot of her homemade stew. It’s a traditional Mexican stew called Posole. (Prounounced Poe-SO-lay.) It’s made out of things like corn, meat, and chilies, and apparently Jonathan thought it was worth going to jail over. He was arrested on Sunday for felony burglary. Get more here.

A Russian Couple Faked Their Deaths To Avoid Paying Debts, Ratted Out By Newborn

A resident of the Voronezh, Russia owed a lot of money to various financial institutions and thought there was only one way out: The banks were notified that he and his wife had suddenly died, they were even sent certificates of death.  The banks could not collect anything from the family, as the only surviving family was a little girl. After thinking they got away with it, they moved to another part of the country in a belief that their death was register only in the Voronezh region. They were living the sweet life, until had another baby. They filled out the birth certificate with their real names, and when the paper work was registered, the fake death certificates suddenly surfaced. Now they have all their original debt, along with criminal charges. Get more here.

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