Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Town Rejects Solar Power Because They’re Afraid It’ll Take All the Sunlight

A town in North Carolina called Woodland just rejected a proposal to rezone some area for a solar power farm. And the reason some of the people were against it was, they’re afraid it would suck up all the light from the sun. A woman named Janet Mann spoke at the city council meeting, and said solar panels would steal all the sunlight from the plants, so they’d go brown and die. Oh, and she used to be a science teacher. Her husband Bobby also said the solar panels would suck up all the energy from the sun, and that would keep businesses from coming to town. Obviously it doesn’t work that way. There’s an unlimited amount of sun to go around, even if all of us had solar panels. But other people were suspicious of the solar farm too, and some of them thought it would discourage people from moving to the town, although it’s not clear why. So the city council eventually gave in and voted it down. Get more here.

Man Rejected by Women Kidnaps Them By Stealing Their Limo

Anthony Almand, 55, is facing kidnapping, grand theft and other charges after he allegedly stole a limousine with riders in it. Anthony told police that he took a limousine with two women in it Thursday night to be “funny.” The women had been approached by Anthony while at a bar, and they asked him to leave them alone. They then left the bar and got a limo, while the driver had stepped out the open the doors, Anthony jumped in and drove away. The women screamed to be let out of the vehicle and feared for their safety. Anthony is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail on $15,000 bond, it said. Get more here.

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