Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Eeating Cereal While Driving Led Police on a High-Speed Chase

An Ohio deputy was on patrol when he noticed a woman driving erratically, so he put on his lights and pulled her over. He then noticed that the driver was eating a bowl of cereal, and that’s when she took off. The chase reached speeds up to 100 mph, police even threw down stop-sticks, but she just kept going. Finally her car broke down and the she got out of the car and started running. Deputies were able to corner her and she was arrested. Police have not released her identity, but she was arrested for driving with a suspended license, although a lot of other charges are likely. Thankfully no one was hurt. Get more here.

“Santa” Just Broke Into an Optometrist’s Office

Santa’s the world’s foremost expert on breaking and entering, so it was only a matter of time until he used those skills. Last week, Santa broke into an optometrist’s office in Fresno, California. Or maybe it was just a guy dressed as Santa, not the real Santa. Who can say? Surveillance cameras caught him going through stuff, and looking for something to steal. But before he found anything good, an employee walked in. Then Santa said, quote, “Sorry darling” and took off. The cops are trying to track him down. He’ll be facing burglary charges if they catch him. Get more here.




feature image by Andy Beaumont via Flickr creative commons

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