Stupid Is, Stupid Does!

West Jordan Teen Threatened His Mother With a Machete Over a Board Game

When West Jordan Police were called to a home in West Jordan, they learned that a teen had been playing a board game, when his mother asked for some help around the house. The teen wouldn’t help his mother, and an argument ensued. The game was tipped over during the argument, and the teen demanded that his mother help him find all of the pieces, but she refused, that’s when the teen grabbed the machete he had received for Christmas and threatened his mother. He headbutted her, hurting her nose, and she called 911. Police arrived and took the teen into custody. He was booked on aggravated assault and assault charges. Get more here.

Man Steals a Car, Crashes It, Goes to the Hospital, Checks Out, Steals Another Car

When a man was spotted driving a stolen car in West Valley, a chase ensued, ending in West Jordan where his tires were spiked.  He and a woman got out and ran, but were both caught and arrested. This is where things get stupid: The suspect had just left the hospital after being injured last week, when he was caught stealing another vehicle. Lt. Dalan Taylor of the West Valley City Police Department said“He actually crashed that red car and ended up being injured pretty good in that crash.  So he was taken to the hospital and had to stay in the hospital and it appears he checked himself out or just fled from the hospital when he was to the point where he could get up and move around.” Get more here.

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