Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Set Himself & His Apartment On Fire While Trying to Kill Bedbugs

30-year-old man from Detroit was getting real sick of the bedbugs in his house. He sprayed rubbing alcohol all over his couch and himself, figuring the alcohol would kill the bugs. Then things got hot, he decided he needed a cigarette, and while smoking he thought maybe he could kill them with the hot end of the cigarette. Apparently this guy didn’t quite understand the flammability of alcohol, because everything went up in flames, including him. He managed to make it to the lobby for help, and emergency crews took him to the hospital. 4 Units were burned before the blaze was contained, and several apartments are unlivable to do water damage. The condition of our amateur exterminator is unknown. Get more here.

A Woman Tried to Rob a Bank Armed With a Stick

A woman walked into a California bank on Monday carrying a stick. She approached the teller and handed her a note demanding cash and claiming to have a gun. The teller was skeptical, and refused to give her any money, so the woman just walked away. Unfortunately for her the security guard at the bank saw her bizarre behavior and followed her, called police, and relayed her location. Officers found her, still carrying her stick, and she was arrested. Her name and age haven’t been reported, and it’s not clear if she’ll be facing charges. Get more here.

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