Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Burglar Returned to the Scene to get a Bottle of Iced Tea

23-year-old Bryan Lindon, and his 17-year-old buddy were out stealing when Bryan got thirsty. He got an iced tea and went on with his crime spree. The two broke into two homes, and stole a car. While he was joyriding in this stolen car, sippin his (probably stolen) iced tea, he crashed the car into a truck. Bryan took off, while his 17-year-old companion was arrested. Then Bryan remembered his iced tea was still inside the stolen car. He had to get it back, because it’s got his fingerprints and DNA all over it! So he returned to the scene of the crash, which was swarming with police, and attempted to get the tea back. Obviously, it didn’t work out for him. He was arrested, and charged with burglary of an unoccupied residence and grand theft. Get more here.

A Russian Official Stole 30 Miles of Road

A man named Alexander Protopopov worked in Russia Chief Deputy of the national prison service. He had an outstanding record, and have won numerous awards and honors. But apparently all that admiration doesn’t pay the rent. Alex was stealing from the government, but he wasn’t taking money, he was taking roads. Yes, roads just like the one you drove to work on this morning. He oversaw the dismantling of a concrete highway and sold off the slabs. The road was made from 7,000 reinforced concrete slabs, and over the course of a year the road was “dismantled and driven away” Not surprisingly, people noticed. Alex is now facing charges of misappropriating state property while using his official position, which could lead to 10 years in jail. Investigators said the scheme had cost the Russian Federation more than 6 million roubles ($79,000). Get more here.

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