Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Canada Man Took a Taxi To Steal $1,500 Worth of Gum

A Canadian man took a taxi to a Pharmacy, and asked the taxi to wait, nothing odd about that. Until he walked to the candy aisle, and filled a garbage bag with gum, and then does it again. Surveillance footage shows him entering, filling the back and leaving. Then coming back into the store and doing all over again. Investigators say the overall value of the stolen gum was over $1,500 (Canadian). The suspect has been dubbed the #FreshBreathBandit. Apparently police have exhausted all leads and have no idea where this guy might be, they’re asking for the public’s help. Get more here.

A Guy Drove 60 Miles Before Realizing He Forgot His Wife at a Gas Station

A guy named Walter from Argentina went on a trip to Brazil with his wife Claudia and their 14-year-old son last week. And as they were driving home, they stopped at a gas station to fill up. And Claudia got out to buy some cookies. But Walter didn’t realize it . . . he thought she was still sleeping in the backseat. So he and his son drove off and left her behind. And when she tried to call him, it didn’t work . . . since he was going through a rural area and he didn’t have a signal. So she finally called the police, and they took her to the police station. And Walter drove sixty miles before he finally realized she was missing. Then he turned around to go back and get her, but she’d been stranded for over two hours by then. And the cops say she was furious. Quote, “There was no physical assault, but she was very angry. She was moaning at him for taking so long to realize.” She also kicked the car when he showed up. Get more here.


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