Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Teacher Arrested After Putting 3 Kids In Trunk

33-year-old Andria James is a reading teacher for Metro Schools in La Vergne Tennessee. She was entrusted with caring for 9 children last weekend, they did fun activities like swimming at the YMCA, go to the skating rink, and play at Andria’s house. But then things got weird, Andria loaded all 9 children into her car, putting 3 in the trunk and driving to the gas station. Witnesses saw the children getting out of the trunk and alerted police. When officers arrived, Andria told them there were only six children with her in the car. Then said that a stranger followed her home and she felt like she needed to get to kids out of there. Parents were called to pick up their children and Andria was arrested and charged with three counts of reckless endangerment. She’s also been placed on administrative leave by Metro Schools. Get more here.

A Guy Bites and Stabs a Friend For Stirring His Chili

It seems like maybe, just maybe, this guy doesn’t understand the concept of a proportional response. A 26-year-old guy in Detroit and his 30-year-old friend were making some chili around 5:10 A.M. on Friday. I guess if you’re cooking chili at that hour, you’re either super hammered super late at night, or there’s something a little off about you. And that appears to be the case here. Because the guy didn’t want anyone to stir the chili while it was cooking on the stove, but his friend went up and stirred it anyway. So the guy responded by biting the guy’s thigh, and then stabbing him. Fortunately he survived, and the guy was arrested with charges pending. Get more here.


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