Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Pot Smugglers Called the Cops on Themselves

Leland Ayala-Doliente, 22, and Holland Sward, 23, were smuggling 20 pounds of marijuana from Las Vegas to Bozeman, Montana last year, when things got stupid. It is a long drive, so the boys decided to entertain themselves by smoking some of the pot they were smuggling. It’s well known that pot can make people a bit paranoid, but these guys too paranoid to another level. They became convinced that the cops were following them, and circling them. So they pulled off the road and waited to get arrested, only, no one was following them. Convinced the cops were just playing with them, they called 911 and asked the dispatcher to end the chase. The chase that wasn’t happening. You have to hear the 911 call to believe it! Get more here.

A Semi-Pro Hockey Player Accidently Set His Apartment Complex on Fire

25-year-old Justin Agosta plays Hockey for the Florida Everblades, and he just had his hear broken. So he decided to burn the love letters his girlfriend had written to him. He went to a gas station and got some fuel to soak the letters in, we don’t know why he needed gasoline, paper burns just fine on it’s own. But he lit the soaking letters and the fire quickly spread out of control. Justin said he tried to put the fire out with water and a towel, but it didn’t work, so he called 911. Thankfully the building had a fire sprinkler system and the blaze was quickly extinguished. Justin was arrested and faces  charges of arson. Get more here.


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