Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Is Caught Selling Moonshine to Pay For Her Boyfriend’s Bail

31-year-old Alton Trowell of Lakeland, Florida was arrested last week on drug charges. And his 31-year-old girlfriend Christie Comkowycz wanted to get him out, but she didn’t have enough money for his bail. So she turned to the revenue source of only the most hardcore of hillbillies, the ones who think even meth is too mainstream. She tried to make the money by selling moonshine. Apparently Alton and Christie had a decent little moonshine business going, but the cops were already on to them. So when Christie posted an ad on Facebook for the moonshine, an undercover detective contacted her. She offered to sell him pints of 192-proof grain alcohol for $20 each. They agreed to meet up in a parking lot, and once she gave him the mason jars of moonshine, she was arrested. She admitted she just wanted to make Alton’s bail money. She also gave up her supplier, a 48-year-old guy named Richard Lott who worked at a distillery. So the detectives contacted him, arranged to buy some wholesale moonshine, then arrested him. Get more here.




feature image via Polk County sheriff

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