Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Got Botox from Several Doctors & Skipped Out on the Bills

Nicole Brown, 31, is an addict, but it’s not drugs that she’s after, it’s Botox. Nicole’s been making appointments all over town and stiffing doctors on the bill after cosmetic procedures. “She said, ‘I got to run to my car and get my credit card.’ We went on about our business, and 15, 20 minutes went by and we’re like, ‘She left,’” one of the estheticians said. Nicole got $870 worth of Botox and that office, and back in September, she paid a $900 Botox tab with a bad check. Nicole made an appointment with another doctor less than a month after her last treatment, but this time cops were on her trail. Nicole was arrested, and she’s being charged with grand theft and obtaining property in return for a bad check. Both are felony charges. Get more here.

Man Tried to Smuggle Live Birds in His Pants

Customs officers in Florida arrested a Cuban man, who had nine live birds in a fanny pack and his pants. He had packaged the birds in toilet paper rolls with holes poked in them, the birds couldn’t move or open their wings. They were taken to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Quarantine Station. And the man was arrested on federal smuggling charges. Get more here.

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