Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Tried to Smuggle 14 Bottles of Liquor in His Underwear

A Saudi man was stopped at customs while trying to re-enter Saudi Arabia. Inspectors noticed the man was walking funny and decided to search him. Their search revealed a very poorly hidden stash of Alcohol. The man had taped bottles to his upper and lower legs and tried to hide them under his traditional long white robe. Inspectors thought it was funny enough to post online. What’s not funny is the punishment this man is facing. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia and the penalty includes a prison sentence and flogging if caught. Not worth it! Get more here.

A Guy Claimed He Was Robbed While Shoveling Snow, But He Was Actually with a Hooker

A 31-year-old sanitation worker in New York named Mike Moreli called the cops early Wednesday morning, and claimed two guys pistol-whipped him and stole his phone while he was clearing snow off a fire hydrant. Which is also what he told his girlfriend, who talked to the local news later that day and said he’s her “best friend,” and didn’t deserve what happened to him. They also talked to her dad, who talked about what a hard worker Mike is, and said he’s been pulling 14-hour shifts to clear all the snow from the blizzard. But someone eventually found Mike’s phone, turned it in, and the cops got the real story. It turns out he hired a hooker, and paid her $40 to service him while he was supposed to be working. Then he got into a fistfight with two guys, and lost his phone. It’s not clear if the two guys knew the hooker or not, but Mike’s facing charges for filing a false police report. Get more here.

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