Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Who Robbed Five Banks in One Day Was Finally Caught

We thought the main reason for a life of crime was that you want to make money without hard work. This guy’s day sounds exhausting. 43-year-old Abdul Harley has robbed 10 banks in New York City since November, including five last Thursday. Here’s what his itinerary looked like that day.

9:30 A.M.: Robbed a Bank of America.

10:47 A.M.: Robbed a Banco Popular.

1:09 P.M.: Robbed a Chase Bank.

1:39 P.M.: Robbed an HSBC Bank.

2:00 P.M.: Robbed a TD Bank.

By those last two, word was already out that a guy was robbing every bank in sight, so security guards stopped him both times and called the cops. They tracked him down a few minutes later, and arrested him for several counts of robbery. Get more here.

Man Crawled Under the Stall in a Cracker Barrel Bathroom to Proposition a 79-Year-Old Woman

Dating can be hard! But there are a few places where you definitely don’t won’t meet someone nice. One of those places, the bathroom of a Cracker Barrel. Police in Boynton Beach, Florida are looking for a man who crawled under a bathroom stall at a Cracker Barrel and propositioned a 79-year-old woman. She started screaming and he cursed at her, and ran out, police were called and they found the man on security footage. She described him as being “scruffy looking” and wearing a white T-shirt, shorts and a hat. Police are asking for the public’s help identifying this perv. Get more here.



feature image via NYPD

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