Stupid Is, Stupid Does

SLC Man Impersonated an Officer, Hid in a Cold Hot Tub

Teenagers aren’t all bad! Some teens were out shopping in Salt Lake City on Friday, when a man wearing a badge around his neck and a black shirt that said “police” on it,  started questioning them. The man was acting suspiciously, and the teens began to wonder if he was actually a cop. When they asked for his badge number, he went back to his car to “call for backup” but drove away instead. The teens called the police, and they caught up with the man, who had functioning police lights mounted to his car. They attempted to pull him over, but he got out of the car and ran instead. K9s tracked the man, William Calhoun, 25, to a backyard where he had stripped and got into a hot tub that filled with cold water. He was booked into jail for investigation of two counts of impersonating an officer, and will likely catch a cold. Fortunately these teens knew what to do, when in doubt, always ask for a badge number! Get more here.

Tim Allen’s Nephew Arrested for Breaking and Napping

Former Pro Baseball player, and Tim Allen’s nephew by marriage, Cory McGinnis, 26, was drinking heavily in Pittsburgh last weekend when things got weird. Cory was drunk, and hungry, and apparently sleepy, too. He decided to break into a business, but not to steal, just to eat and have a nap. He broke into Eyeflow Internet Marketing and went straight to the fridge. Then Corey walked around the business collecting pillows, that he gathered together in a back room and passed out on. The owner said: ‘It was locked and he kicked and smashed it out. It was a very heavy glass, and he just kicked his way through it, the fridge was filled with leftover pizza, and he came in and just dumped a whole bunch of stuff out, dumped pizza out, and there’s trails of pizza leading to the backroom.’ He had set off the alarm, so shortly after passing out the police arrived. They found him ‘sleeping like a baby’. Cory now faces charges of burglary, and will likely have to pay for the damage. Get more here.

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