Stupid Is, Stupid Does

SLC Man Cut Off a Police Officer’s Ear

23-year-old Leon Dane Hall, was trespassing at the Pauline Apartments in Downtown SLC. Leon was wondering though the building knocking on all the apartment doors. Residents called the police, and when they arrived Leon immediately became combative.  He refused to answer any questions, and hit the officer with a cast-iron lawn flower, severing his ear and leaving a large gash in his head. They tried to arrest Leon, but he fought back, and eventually police had to use a taser to subdue him. Leon has had run ins with the law before, he was arrested in 2011 for a hit and run crash and drug possession. Both Leon and the Officer were taken to the hospital. When Leon was discharged, he was booked into jail on a number of charges including assaulting an officer, interfering with a police investigation and criminal mischief. Get more here.

One Dad Assaulted Another Dad With a Bidet After a Kid’s Soccer Game

If you’re classy enough to have a toilet that sprays water into your undercarriage after you finish your business, you should be classy enough not to do this. We found a story today about 45-year-old Domenico Cammarota of Pozzuoli, Italy, say that 10 times fast. Apparently he got into an argument with a neighbor over their kids’ soccer game this weekend. They kept arguing once they got home, and then it escalated like crazy. Just as the cops were getting there, Domenico ran upstairs into his apartment, grabbed his bidet, threw it out the window, and right onto the other guy’s head. The guy was knocked unconscious and had to go to the hospital, but fortunately he survived. Domenico was arrested for attempted murder. Get more here.




feature image via slcpd

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