Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Stole a Sweater from Walmart, then Wore it to Walmart to Steal Again

This guy must have been chilly, it was in the 50’s in Dayton Beach, FL and that’s pretty cold to Floridians. Unable to withstand the cold, our mystery man went to Walmart and stole a sweater. The sweater appears to have a Mustang (the horse, not the car) on the front. Loss prevention saw the man, but were unable to catch him before he left the store. But once chilly shoplifter got home, he realized he forgot to swipe some beer! So he went back to the Walmart wearing the sweater he had just stolen. Loss prevention officers recognized him, and watched as he put a four-pack of the beer into his backpack. They stopped him this time, and he gave the beers back, but then said he was leaving, he lifted up the stolen sweater to show them a gun tucked in the man’s waistband. Then he made mad dash out of the Walmart, and police are still looking for him. All because he wore that stupid stolen sweater. Get more here.

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