Stupid Is, Stupid Does

An 81-Year-Old Woman Rammed her Robbers her With Her Car

William Hayhurst and Erin Vanmatre were loitering in a parking lot asking people for money. Erin approached an 81-year-old woman and asked for $10 in gas money. The woman was generous and offered Erin $20 because that’s what she had. As the woman drove away, William and Erin followed her. Once she parked, they grabbed the woman’s purse as she sat in the front seat of her car, then they drove off. But these guys messed with the wrong old lady! The woman followed the thieves and rammed her car into theirs. She continued following them even as they threw her purse out the window  Police found the suspects’ vehicle, which had damage consistent with that described by the victim. They’re now facing felony charges of robbery and conspiracy, and misdemeanor counts of theft, tampering with evidence, receiving stolen property and conspiracy. Get more here.

A Shoplifter Tries to Hide From the Cops in a Snow Pile

Remember when you were a little kid, and tried to make an igloo out of a big pile of snow? Only it never quite worked? Here’s the high stakes, adult version of that. And it still doesn’t work. 30-year-old Johnathan Matthies of Norfolk, Nebraska was caught shoplifting at a Walmart on Thursday, but managed to run away before the cops got there. And his master getaway plan was, digging a hole in a pile of snow, and hiding inside. As the cops were searching around for him, they saw the fresh hole, which led them right to Johnathan. They also found his plastic baggie of meth in there with him. He was arrested for shoplifting and possession of a controlled substance. Get more here.


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