Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man in a Batman Suit Robs Several Dollar Stores

Police in Florida are on the lookout for a man dressed as Batman! This Batman impostor robbed two Orlando dollar stores, yes dollar stores, he set his sights low. He probably isn’t an actual Batman fan, because if he was he would know that Batman doesn’t use guns! The man held both clerks up by gunpoint, fortunately neither of them were harmed. Deputies described the man as white or Hispanic with a thin build. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and, of course, a Batman mask and costume. Get more here.

A Guy Got a DUI After a Cop Saw His Friend Get Out and Fall Headfirst Into a Creek

A cop in Tennessee was on patrol last Thursday, about 100 miles west of Chattanooga, right near the Alabama border. He saw a truck stopped on a small bridge, so he pulled up behind it. And just when he did, the guy in the passenger’s seat got out . . . tripped over a curb . . . and fell headfirst off the bridge into a creek. The cop’s dash-cam got it all on video, and there’s also footage from his body-cam of the guy climbing back out of the creek. The two guys’ names haven’t been released, but the cop figured the one who fell was probably drunk. And it turned out he was right. He called an ambulance, because the guy was bleeding from a cut on his head. Then he cited him for public intoxication. And it turned out the driver had been drinking too, so he got a DUI. Get more here.

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