Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Cops Got Into a High-Speed Chase with the Mystery Machine from “Scooby Doo”

If you happen to know any meddling kids in the northern California area, it’s go time! Police in Redding, California went to arrest a 51-year-old woman named Sharon Kay Turman on Sunday for violating her probation. And she led them on a high-speed chase in her 1994 minivan, painted to look like the Mystery Machine from “Scooby Doo”. At one point she blew through a red light and almost crashed into four cars. Then she got on the highway, hit speeds of over 100 miles an hour, and actually managed to get away with it too. It’s not clear if the cops stopped following her for safety reasons, but it sounds like she might have just lost them. A police helicopter did spot her ditching the van and taking off on foot. But she was still on the run as of last night. Get more here.

Man Added 8 Months to His 2 Week Sentence for Having a Cell Phone

British man, Daniel Murphy received a mere two week sentence for breaching a court order. But Daniel’s girlfriend was pregnant, and he couldn’t stand to be out of touch, not even for 2 weeks. So he smuggled a cell phone into prison. When guards found it, they took it from him, and he served the remaining week without it. However, on his release Daniel was arrested again for the offense of smuggling in the cell. So Daniel’s 2 weeks in prison will become 8 months, and now he’s definitely going to miss the birth of his child. Get more here.

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