Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Church and Daycare Were Evacuated Over Suspicious Fumes, Which Turn Out to Be Axe Body Spray

There was a scare at a church and daycare in Seattle on Friday when, quote, “cough-inducing fumes” started coming from a bathroom. They called 911, the police evacuated the place, and the hazmat team bravely charged in to figure out what was emitting those toxic fumes into the air. And it turned out to be, a can of Axe body spray. The can was malfunctioning and wouldn’t stop spraying. And if you’ve ever smelled Axe body spray, you can see why a constant stream of it would be enough to send a ton of people running and gagging. Fortunately, no one had to go to the hospital. There’s no word on whose Axe body spray it was. Get more here.

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