Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Police Catch a Guy Because He Tagged Himself in Photos at a Riot

Facebook just keeps chugging along as an amazing way to flush out the world’s dumbest criminals. There were some riots in Belfast, Northern Ireland last year. And actually, there are riots there a lot. But we’re specifically talking about some riots in mid July, when 29 cops were injured by people throwing bricks, bottles, and other stuff. Once things finally settled down, the cops went on Facebook to search for photos from the riots, to see if they could identify any suspects. And with 21-year-old Robert Darragh, they didn’t have to identify him, because he’d identified himself. Apparently Robert had spotted himself in some of the riot photos, and went ahead and tagged himself. So the cops clicked on the tags, that took them to his profile, and they used the info to track him down and arrest him. And the odds are very low they would’ve caught him if he hadn’t tagged himself, since he kept his face covered during the riots. He was in court last week, and got two years in prison. Get more here.

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