Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Wanted Woman Hides From Police in Her Oven

25-year-old Gabrielle Looper of Gunthrie Iowa is a wanted woman. She’d been released on parole, and quickly violated that parole. A warrant was out for her arrest, and she knew it. Police tracked her down and knocked on her door, but there was no answer. Knocking was a courtesy, they had a search warrant, so they went in the house to search for her. As they entered the kitchen they noticed that Gabrielle had 2 ovens, which they found a little odd, so they opened it. And what did they find? Well Gabrielle herself! Curled up in the oven. See clever girl that she is, Gabrielle had obtained a second oven and cut the bottom out, specifically to hide in when the cops inevitably came for her. To make matters worse, Gabrielle gave birth just 5 months ago, fortunately the child is with her grandma. Her dog even bit an officer during the search, but don’t worry the dog and the officer are fine. Get more here.

Man Enters School and Tries to Pull Fire Alarm Because Smurfs

Blount County High Schoolers got a strange surprise yestersday when a 32-year-old man entered the school wearing nothing but socks and underwear. He then went to the first fire alarm he saw and tried to pull if off the wall. The school secretary was trying to talk to the man but he was incoherent. A school resource officer was able to subdue the man. The reason he was trying to pull the alarm off the wall? Smurfs. Yes blue little Smurfs. The man claimed there were Smurfs in the walls. He was arrested and taken to a hospital for a psych eval and toxicology test. Get more here.

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