Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Mom Yelled at Her Son for Smoking all Their Meth, He Called 911

Nicholas Johnson still lives with his mom, and that’s ok, they have similar interests, like Meth. Apparently Nicholas’s mom came home to find that her son had smoked all the Meth in the house. No, she wasn’t mad that her son was smoking meth, she was mad that he didn’t leave her any. So she started in yelling at Nicholas, and he called 911. When officers arrived they found Nicholas sitting on the front steps of the house. He approached officers while spouting a string of profanity about his mother. They calmed him down and asked him what happened, he told them that “his mother was mad and yelling at him for smoking all the methamphetamine.” Then Nicholas started yelling at his mother on the porch, officers arrested him for creating a disturbance. For some reason neither Nicholas or his mother were charged with possession of Narcotics. Get more here.

56-Year-Old Man Throws a Tantrum in Doctors Office

Ward R. Walker, of Ocala, Florida was at his eye doctor’s office for his appointment. You know how doctors offices are, you always end up waiting, you expect to have to wait. But Apparently Ward could wait no longer. He furiously approached the receptionist, yelling profanity and spiting on her. Then he went back into the office and parked himself in the middle of the hallway refusing to leave. Since no one was helping him, he stood up and started trashing the place, knocking over display cases. The receptionist had called the police after he spit on her, so they arrived and arrested Ward. But he was still furious, and remained belligerent during his transport to jail, cursing and yelling at the deputy. He’s being charged with battery, criminal mischief, and disturbing the peace. Get more here.



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