Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man Overdoses in Walmart Bathroom, Escapes EMTs Trying to Save Him

A Florida CBS News crew was shooting a story outside of a West Palm Beach Walmart, when they caught a bizarre incident. Apparently a man inside the store had suffered a heroin overdose in the men’s room. Customers called 911 and paramedics rushed into the building. The news crew shooting unrelated footage caught the incident. The EMT’s were able to stabilize the man using a drug called ‘narcan’ that counteracts the effects of a heroin overdose. Within 10 seconds patients are sober and alert, however, without further treatment they can easily slip back into the overdose. But this guy didn’t seem to be worried about it, while on the stretcher he appears alert and sober. So sober that he sneakily unbuckles the straps and takes off. You’ve got to see it. Get more here.

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