Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Accidentally Blows Up His Apartment While Spraying For Roaches, and They Survived

You know how people say roaches can survive a nuclear bomb? It’s not made up. So they can certainly survive if you attack them with less powerful artillery. A guy in Asbury Park, New Jersey found roaches in his apartment last week. So he got himself some roach spray, and started going to town on his kitchen. But the spray started giving him a headache, so he opened a window. And when he did, the combination of the chemicals from the bug spray, the oxygen from the open window, and the pilot light of his stove caused a massive explosion. All the windows blew out, and three people were taken to the hospital. Fortunately no one was killed. And the real slap in the face after all that? The roaches survived. A spokesman from the fire department says that when he got to the scene, quote, “I saw numerous roaches crawling through the apartment.”


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