Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Asks to Use Bathroom at 2:00 am, Trashes the House

We get it, when nature calls, you gotta answer! Well nature called on Randi Warner at 2:00 am while she was walking through a Vero Beach, Florida neighborhood. So Randi took a chance and rang a doorbell, lucky for her a man answered and allowed her to use his bathroom. How nice of him! But after the potty break Randi got weird. She came out of the restroom looking odd, and for some reason she smashed one of the homeowners plates. Then she went to the fridge and got his eggs, and proceeded to throw them all over his house. The man left the house on his bike to “find an officer” which he didn’t, why he didn’t call the police, we don’t know. He returned to find his house in disarray, she had trashed it. Police later found Randi walking near the neighborhood, with a bag of meth on her. She was arrested and is facing charges of battery minal mischief and possession of methamphetamines. Get more here.

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