Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Arrived at the Scene of her Brother’s DUI, Gets Arrested for DUI Too

31-year-old Josue Moncada of Ocala Florida was pulled over on Friday for reckless driving, When police smelled alcohol on his breath, they arrested Josue for driving drunk. Josue had apparently called his sister while police were otherwise occupied. Ercilia Moncada arrived on the scene and began arguing with police over her brothers arrest. At that point officers noticed that she too was drunk. So they arrested Ercilia too! Only Ercilia wasn’t having it, she managed to escape the police cruiser for all of 30 seconds before she was tackled and put back into the car. Both are facing DUI charges, and Ercilia may be facing more. Get more here.

A Woman Takes Her Cocaine to the Police Station So They Can Test If It’s Pure

A 45-year-old woman in Toulouse, France got her hands on a whole bunch of cocaine last week, and she wanted to make sure it was pure before she sold it to people. Because she was afraid if it wasn’t, they might die. So she decided to get her cocaine tested at, the Police Station. They decided not to test her cocaine for her, and arrested her instead. Get more here.


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