Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Carjacker Busted Because of “People You May Know” on Facebook

Do you ever check out the “People You May Know” on Facebook? It feel like it’s filled with people you either don’t know, or really don’t want to reconnect with. But here’s a story that actually validates its existence. A 21-year-old guy named Omar Famuyide in Birmingham, England pulled a gun on a man last August and stole his BMW. The police tried to track him down, but they didn’t have much to go on. But that changed when the victim was messing around on Facebook, and Omar’s picture popped up as one of his “People You May Know.” He recognized him immediately and called the cops. And now that they had Omar’s name and his photo, they tracked him down and arrested him. He was in court this week for armed robbery charges, and it turns out that before he stole the guy’s car, he’d also robbed a few other people. So he was just sentenced to 21 years in prison. Well done, Facebook! Get more here.

Woman Steals Police Car & Totaled It

Students on the University of North Dakota noticed a woman wandering though campus looking disheveled and lost. They called police, as they thought she might need help. Police showed up and tried to find the woman, they left the squad car to venture onto the campus. Well, they left the keys in it. So the young woman was able to sneak around, get into the car, and drive away. Police were able to track her movement though the GPS on the squad car. She ended up 25 miles away in Minnesota, strangely enough, she went to another college, the University of Minnesota Crookston. While cruising the highway, she lost control and rolled the vehicle several times. The engine of the car somehow ened up on the grass, it was a grizzly accident. Somehow, the woman was not seriously hurt. She was taken to the hospital, where they confirmed she had high levels of alcohol in her system. As for how she stole the car, well the police left the car running, keys in ignition. Officers claim all electronics in police cars today draw a lot of power, so vehicles are sometimes left running to keep the battery fully charged. Get more here.

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