Stupid Is, Stupid Does

2 Guys Try to Steal Beer Pulled a Fridge Over on Themselves

We’d like to give you the background on these guys, but they got away. Fortunately for us, their shenanigans were caught on tape! The two dimwitted thieves wanted some beer, so they tried to break  into some beer fridges. They attempt to hid their faces, so they must know they’re on camera. Turns out those fridges were locked up tight! So the guy starts knocking the fridge around until the fridge had had enough, and tackled the dude. It’s hilarious, watch. Get more here.

A Couple Stole Money From Work and Bought a Winning $1 Million Lottery Ticket

There’s a 51-year-old woman from Pottsville, Pennsylvania named Joan Lechleitner, and she and her 54-year-old fiancé Kerry Titus work at a small grocery store together. And they were robbing the place blind. They stole about $175,000 between May of 2011 and this past March. But here’s where it gets really crazy. Joan used some of the stolen money to buy a few lottery tickets back in September, and one of them won. She split a $1 million jackpot with three other winners, and got about $262,000. But even after that happened, she and Kerry kept stealing from the store. The owner finally put up hidden cameras in January, and caught them in the act. So they were both arrested on Tuesday and charged with theft. I know what you’re thinking, what happens to the money they won? Well they already spent some of it on things like a new truck, and we’re assuming the rest will eventually go to the owner of the store for restitution. Get more here.

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