Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Zamboni Driver Is Arrested For Driving Drunk in Between Periods of a Hockey Game

Just when you think Americans have been arrested for drunk driving in every possible scenario, a guy like this comes along. 27-year-old Steven Anderson of Fargo, North Dakota drives a Zamboni to clean the ice between periods at high school hockey games.  And on Friday night, two girls’ high school hockey teams were playing. But after the first period, when Steven drove the Zamboni onto the ice, people noticed he was driving erratically and seemed drunk.  So they called the cops. And just as he was preparing to drive the Zamboni back onto the ice after the second period, he was arrested for a DUI. No one was hurt by Steven’s drunken Zamboning.  The coaches decided not to wait for a replacement, and just played the rest of the game on rough ice.  Get the full story here.

Woman Stole Step-Mom’s Purse after She’s Arrested… for Stealing

Fernanda Lopez, 24, is accused of stealing her step-mom’s purse, with $11,000 worth of jewelry inside, after her step-mom was jailed for shopping at a Wellington Mall, deputies said, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. After the step-mom was arrested, deputies told her she could take off her jewelry and put her bag inside of her car so her hubby could come and get it, records show. But her hubby allegedly couldn’t find the bag in the car after he and his daughter, Fernanda Lopez,  brought the car home. Deputies managed to bag her. Get the full story here.


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