Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man Tries to Steal Plants, Dubbed the ‘Buttcrack Bandit’

Gardening is therapeutic, but getting your yard in order can be expensive. This California man thinks he’s found away around that! He noticed the lovely plants at a nearby restaurant and decided he would come back under cover of darkness and steal those plants! The big night arrived, he put on some shorts and shoes, grabbed his wheelbarrow and headed out. The restaurant, Cotta’s Kitchen in Turlock, California, is owned by Angela Cotta. And Angela is no fool. She has security cameras standing guard at her restaurant. What they caught is a shirtless man with a wheelbarrow attempting to steal her plants, buttcrack displayed the entire time. He was having some trouble getting some the plants loose, and eventually gave up. Police are still searching for the buttcrack bandit. Get more here.

Car Thief Leads Police on Wild Chase Then Asks Why They’re Stopping Him

Jamison Ford, 27, from Naples Florida, was driving a tow truck when he stopped at Jerry’s Towing and started to tow away a car that didn’t belong to him. The owners saw this and called police. Jamison thought he would be sneaky, by driving around without is headlights on. However, that just made it easier to spot him. They turned on their lights and initiated a stop, but Jamison didn’t stop, instead he sped off at 70 mph. Police threw down stop strips at an intersection to get him to stop, but again, he didn’t, his tires flew off and he kept driving. Even as the car he stole fell off the tow truck, he kept driving, dragging it down the street on it’s roof. The chase finally ended with Jamison hit a patrol car. He calmly got out of the truck and asked police “Why are you guys stopping me?”. Yeah, he played dumb after leading police an an incredibly wild chase. He resisted police and even hit a K-9 officer during the arrest. He caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to the roadways. He is facing multiple charges. Get more here.

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