Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Two Guys Robbed a McDonald’s While a Special Forces Team Was Inside

It’s not like we feel bad for these idiots, but there’s no way they could have seen this coming. Two guys tried to rob a McDonald’s in eastern France on Sunday. One of them fired a warning shot while the other guy grabbed money from the registers, and ended up with about $2,200. But there were about 40 people inside eating when it happened, and 11 of them happened to be members of an elite special forces team. They were all off-duty, but armed, and they actually specialize in hostage situations. So they waited for the two guys to leave, because they didn’t want to put anyone else in danger. Then they chased them through the parking lot, and arrested one of them when he tripped on some stairs. Then the other guy raised his gun like he was going to shoot, so one of the special forces guys shot him in the stomach. But they got him to a hospital in time, and he survived. And now both guys are facing charges for armed robbery. Get more here.

Man Busted Trying to Steal Meat by Shoving It Down His Pants

A man was trying to steal an insane amount of meat from a grocery store in Ohio, when he was busted. The employee calls him out, and a bystander started filming. The man admits it, and starts removing the meat from his pants, and never stops! He was smuggling an absurd amount of meat in those pants. We don’t know if the man was arrested, but the employee who confronted him says he feels for the man. Get more here.


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