Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Your Uber Driver Probably Isn’t a Drunk, Naked Man Wielding a Hatchet

I know Uber doesn’t do the greatest job of screening their drivers, but they’re not this bad at it. Three people in Arlington, Virginia ordered an Uber around 2:20 A.M. on Sunday. A car pulled up a few minutes later, and they assumed it was theirs. But it definitely wasn’t. And they probably should’ve figured that out when they saw the driver was drunk and naked. He was a 64-year-old guy named Michael Monroe, and he was very confused why some strangers were suddenly trying to get into his car, so he grabbed his hatchet and started swinging it at them. Fortunately they were able to get it away without getting hurt. And Michael was arrested for a DUI and disorderly conduct. There’s no word on why he was naked. Or had a hatchet in his car. Get more here.

Naked Man Shows Up at The Waffle House

It’s safe to say most of the patrons at the Sandy Springs Waffle House, in Georgia, lost their appetite when this happened. They’re enjoying a delicious waffle, when out of the corner of their eye they see a man, who’s showing a little too much skin. As in, all of his skin. Bashir Rasheed had come to the waffle house, but not for waffles. He striped down to his birthday suit outside the restaurant, relieved himself on the door, got into his car, and drove away. The best part, Waffle House customer Derwin Rodgers was live broadcasting the whole thing. Police caught up to Bashir and arrested him for indecent exposure. They took him to a local hospital to be checked out, they think he may have been high. Get more here.


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