Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Drunk Naked Man Busts Down Door of His Old House Gets Himself Shot by New Owner

Let’s preface by saying, other than being stupid, he’s gonna be just fine. Victor Alex Etherington, 27, of Florida (of course…) got himself proper drunk on Sunday. So drunk that he apparently forgot where he lived. He showed up at a 54-year-old woman’s home, and tried to enter, when he couldn’t get in, he started knocking on the doors and windows. The woman refused to let him in, obviously, and demanded he leave. So logically Victor started kicking in the door. The woman called 911, ran upstairs and hid in her closest, while clutching the .22 caliber handgun she has for just this reason. Victor got in, and ran up the stairs after her, then took off his clothes – because it turns out he deficated in his shorts. He then tried to get into the closet where the poor woman was hiding. So she fired her gun through the door, striking Victor in the stomach. When police arrived they found him naked in the bedroom covered in excriment and bleeding from his bullet wound. They took him to the hospital and he’s in stable condition. So what made him commit this crazy home invasion? Turns out Victor used to live in the house, for 12 years. BTW, once you sell a house, you can’t just go back whenever you want. He’s facing a number of charges. Get more here.


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