Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Who’s “Addicted” to Hiding Under Cars and Grabbing Women’s Feet Keeps Getting Busted

If you’re getting into your car and suddenly feel a hand around your ankle, don’t worry, you’re not in a horror movie. It’s just the town pervert! So relax! There’s a 20-year-old guy named Jesse Johnson in Lincoln, Nebraska who’s obsessed with hiding under women’s cars and grabbing their feet. He says, quote, “I just have this weird addiction and odd behavior. I don’t know why.” He was busted for grabbing a woman’s feet outside a grocery store last week, and that was the third time he’s been busted this year. He was also arrested for it last year and got a fine, and he was busted for it in 2014 too. He says he wants to get counseling, but he has trouble paying for it. Most of the time he just gets a ticket for disturbing the peace, but now that it’s such a pattern he might be looking at jail time. Get more here.

Florida Man Tries to Punch a Swan

Two off duty police officers happened to be enjoying their time off at Lake Eola in Orlando Florida, when they spotted Sor Angel Velez, approaching a swan. The swan was with her babies, and didn’t want Sor anywhere near them, so she streached her wings out in warning. Sor hesitated, and started to walk away, but after getting a few steps away, he reconsidered. Apparently he didn’t like the swan’s attitude, so he turned back and took a swing at the bird. The officers and their families witnessed this and were very confused. They even asked Sor what he was doing, he didn’t answer and began walking away. They followed him, called some on duty officers, and had him arrested. Sor was sentanced to 10 days in jail, and has been banned from the park. Get more here.

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