Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Man Beat Up His Friend For Turning Down Ramen Noodles

Brian Douglas Hunter, 23 of Mohton PA, was having a late night craving, so he cooked up some ramen noodles. He’s a college student, that’s basically all they eat. After preparing the glorious meal, Brian offered some noodles to his roommate, who declined. That greatly offended Brian, so he offered again, and again the roommate refused. Brian was upset, afterall, he’d slaved over a hot stove for 3 minutes! So he decided the only rational thing to do, would be to beat up his noodle-hating roommate. He punched the poor guy in the face 10-15 times, police say the guy had bruises, swelling and a 1-inch cut under his eye. Over noodles. 39 cent ramen noodles. Brian was arrested and charged with assault and harassment. Get more here.

A 69-Year-Old Woman Pulled a Gun on a Guy Over a Duck

We don’t know the woman’s name, and we don’t know the man’s name. What we do know, is that they’re both stupid. For some reason the man had accused the woman of stealing a duck. We don’t know who’s duck she supposedly stole, but she denyed stealing said duck. In an attempt to prove to the guy that she didn’t have the duck, she invited him to her house. Once the man was in her garage, she pulled a gun on him, pointing it at his stomach. He managed to disarm the woman, and contact police. The gun was loaded, and the saftey was off. She was arrested for reckless endangerment and carrying a concealed weapon. Get more here.

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