Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Was Speeding & Wearing a Headlamp Instead of Headlights

It’s full dark out, and you’re jumping in the car to run an errand. It doesn’t take you long to realize you need your headlights. Well, what if they were broken? A sane person would wait till morning and then go get them fixed. But not this guy! He’s an innovator! Police were parked on a street conducting speed enforcement when they saw a tiny light coming towards them. At first they thought it was a bicycle, but it was going way too fast. In fact, the light was going 25mph over the speed limit. It soon became apparent it was a vehicle, being driven by a man with a camping style head lamp on his head. They pulled him over, and he was arrested for speeding and operating an unsafe vehicle. The headlamp he was using consisted of a single LED bulb, powered by 1 AAA battery. Officers say the street he was speeding down is not artificially lit. Get more here.

An Idiot Driving the Wrong Way Got Caught with 4,000 Pounds of Weed

You’ve gotta follow the rules of the road people. Especially if you’re in the middle of doing something highly illegal. A guy named Alejandro Perez was driving a moving truck near Atlanta on Monday, when he blew through a stop sign, and started heading down the wrong side of the road. So a cop pulled him over, and took him into custody when it turned out he didn’t have a driver’s license. Unfortunately for Alejandro that’s the least of his worries. Because the cops asked him what was in the truck, and he claimed he didn’t know. But when they opened it up, they found out he was hauling around 4,000 pounds of marijuana, that’s worth just under $2 million. It was divided into 169 bricks that weighed about 23 pounds each. Medical marijuana is legal in Georgia now, but the cops said they’re pretty sure that much weed wasn’t for “personal use.” So Alejandro’s facing charges for drug trafficking. Get more here.

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