Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Drunk Man Busted For Hanging Out With Pigs, Naked

Who doesn’t love an adorable little piglet? We all love those cute little things! But once they become giant smelly pigs, we mostly see them and think “mmm… bacon”. But not this guy! 65-year-old Larry William Henry, loves pigs. So much so that a few years ago he was busted for trespassing when a neighbor found him in his barn, partying with his pigs, naked. Nothing unseemly was going on, he was just hanging out, drinking naked, with pigs. But last month, Larry was busted again, for the same thing. The neighbors found him naked with the pigs, ironically drinking Hamm’s beer. When police asked him why he did this again, after being banned from the property; All Larry had to say was “I just like pigs.” He was once again arrested for trespassing. Get more here.

A Man Is Busted With a Stolen Human Brain He Was Using to Get High

You know your life has taken a very wrong turn when you’re stealing human body parts because that’s what it takes to get you high. A 26-year-old guy named Joshua Long from Carlisle, Pennsylvania was busted last month after he stashed a human brain in a Walmart bag underneath his relative’s porch. That relative wound up calling the cops. Joshua told them he had the brain because it was preserved in formaldehyde, and he soaks his marijuana in it before he smokes it. Apparently if you lace your marijuana with formaldehyde, it can have effects like PCP, but it’s super dangerous to smoke and will probably fry your brain. The cops think he stole the brain from a medical teaching lab, and he was charged with abuse of a corpse. Get more here.

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