Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Florida Man Shot at Teens Playing Pokemon Go

This is why we can’t have nice things. Why is it always Florida? This time it’s an overzealous homeowner who spotted some teens in his neighborhood at 1:30am. The man grabbed his gun, and went outside to confront the teens who he suspected were thieves. Why would he think that? He overheard them saying “Did you catch him?” and “Yeah, did you?” He thought they were talking about stealing something, claiming they said “Did you get anything?” So rather than calling police or you know, asking the teens what they were doing, he just started shooting at them, several times. The teens sped away in their car, and thankfully were uninjured. The parents saw the bullet riddled car and contacted police. Police are currently investigating, and no charges have been filed yet. Get more here.

A Drunk Driver Crashed Her Car Into a Beer Distributor Business

53-year-old Lynly Broge likes her beer, but that’s not the problem. The problem is she likes to drive after having her beers. Lynly has been arrested for DUI 5 times! Last week Lynly was doing what she does, driving drunk, when someone noticed her erratic driving and called police. By the time police tracked her down, she had crashed her vehicle into a building. Ironically a beer distributor’s building. She took out the businesses computer system, but thankfully no one was injured. She admitted to drinking 8 beers, taking muscle relaxers, and removing her court ordered alcohol monitoring bracelet. She was taken to the hospital and then arrested, again. Hopefully she’ll never be able to drive again. Get more here.


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