Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Burned Her Husband’s Clothes and Accidentally Set Their House on Fire

I totally understand that burning your significant other’s stuff is an incredibly cathartic way to get revenge when they “burn” you. But just know that it’s probably going to go wrong, it almost always does. There’s a 42-year-old woman in Pontiac, Michigan who was furious at her husband on Sunday. We’re not sure why, but it had to be big, because she took all of his clothes outside, dumped gas on them, and set them on fire. Cops arrived after receiving several calls about the blaze. The fire was contained to the driveway, and police were monitoring the situation. The woman went to get more fuel and with cops watching, she dumped it on the fire. But, the fire spread to the house, and firefighters had to come put it out. And she was arrested. Get more here.

Man On His Way to Rehab Stopped At Pizza Place And Asked If They Had Any Crack

Fritz John Walter Jr. has a problem with addiction, and he knows it. admitting there’s a problem is step one of getting better. However; Fritz wanted one last hurrah. So he started drinking, while wandering the streets. Once he was drunk Fritz stopped into a local pizza joint, but he wasn’t looking for pizza. He approached the counter and asked an employees if they had any crack cocaine. They obviously told him no, and Fritz left without incident. They then called police, reporting a drunk man asking for drugs, and gave them Fritz’s description. They found him a few hours later, with a bottle of alcohol in a paper bag, walking in the middle of the road. He was arrested for disorderly intoxication, and his next stop will be rehab. Get more here.

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